Hello everyone! Take a coffee, grab some cookies and make you confortable to enjoy your stay at Little Honeymoon! I offer you here a lot of goodies for all your graphic needs... My prices to join my site are affordable and I hope you will find something you like!

Please be patient with me if you are waiting for a reply to your email... Usually, I reply within 24-48 open hours but if it takes more than 72 open hours to hear from me then please email me again! Please take note that I don't reply to any emails during weekends!

** To be sure to receive my messages, I invite you to add these 2 addresses to your contacts: littlehoneymoon@gmx.com & admin@littlehoneymoon.net


members area merged!

To satify everyone's graphics needs, I decided to merge all those restricted areas: Members Area, Sigtags Area and Loved Area. So all members will have access to my tubes, lines, sigtags, blinkies and everything else I can offer. The AS IS Area and the Siggie Club will not be merged.

no-no list updated!

Since a lot of sites closed after I myself closed mine almost 10 years ago, I of course I updated the list of the sites who allow or not usage of their graphics on LiveJournal... If you changed your URL or if you want I modify something please contact me for I can make the changes... THANK YOU!