terms of use @ little honeymoon

thank you for taking time to read my terms of use!
they will apply even if you don't read them!

If you have been found guilty of not respecting my terms of use (or others' terms before), your membership will be deleted immediatly without any refund and no chance to join again! You will also not allowed to access to my site anymore! It's very important for you and for me that you read my terms of use very carefully before to sign-up to any of my password protected areas or to download and purchase anything at Little Honeymoon. These terms are rules that you must follow throughout your membership here and even after your membership is expired if you still use my graphics on your site or elsewhere. I didn't added these pages just because I didn't had anything better to do! They are here to protect me as an artist but also to protect you as a member and as a visitor. Thank you!

last TIME updated: october 2023

If it's not specified that you can do something, please email me before doing something wrong!