terms of use @ little honeymoon

thank you for taking time to read my terms of use!
they will apply even if you don't read them!


  • You don't need to have a website to join Little Honeymoon. But if you have one, you must give me your URL.
  • If you have a LiveJournal account, you must give me your username. If you want to add me as a friend, my username is misslexieoneill. I also have my own community here: http://sweetsandtreats.livejournal.com that you can join for free.
  • You must display your membership logo with an active link back to http://littlehoneymoon.net on your site. Your membership will be active ONLY when the logo will be up and linked on your site. After your membership is expired, you must keep your members logo (or a text link) displayed on your site with a link back to http://littlehoneymoon.net.
  • You can use my tubes or lines on LiveJournal but ONLY if the original artist allows the use of their graphics on LiveJournal. Click HERE to see a list of the sites who allow or not usage of their graphics on LiveJournal.
  • For users of Photobucket, Fotki, ImageShack or any sites in that kind, your graphics must be in a password protected album or folder. If you can't do this with the service you use, you can't upload any graphics made with my tubes or lines on these sites!
  • You can't share your login informations (username and password) with anyone! Your IP address is saved every time you login and I check this on a regular basis! If you are caught to share your codes with someone else, your membership will be deleted immediately without any notice or refund!
  • There will be no full or partial refund if ever you are not satisfied with your purchase, with your membership or with anything I offer on my website. So don't cry for a refund because the answer will be NO and always NO!
  • The good manners are always required when you contact me. If you are not respectful with me, I will not reply to any of your emails!
  • You can offer the results of your creations on your site for free or for sale.
  • You must have a valid email address to be able to receive my messages, your goodies or your purchased products. Your membership could be deleted without any notice or refund if ever I can't contact you! If you change your email address, it's YOUR responsability to give me your new address. ** To be sure to receive my messages, I invite you to add these 2 addresses to your contacts: littlehoneymoon@gmx.com & admin@littlehoneymoon.net.
  • If you are not sure of what you can or what you can't do with my graphics, please contact me before using them in a wrong way!
  • If you are not agree with my terms of use, please don't sign-up for any of my password protected areas and please don't download or purchase anything from here. You will save your money and my time...
  • I tried to make my terms of use as clear as possible but if you don't understand them or if you have any doubts or questions about them, please email me directly at littlehoneymoon@gmx.com and I will try to clarify them for you...
  • I have the right to not accept you as a member or to not sell or send you something from my Pixel Shoppe, my Galleries or my Adoptions Shoppe.
  • I have the right to modify any of these terms at any given time! I will send an email on my News Group and to all my members when there will be major changes! Don't contact me if ever you are not agree with the new terms or the new changes... Just let your membership expire and don't renew... It's my site, not yours! So it's my rules, not yours!

last TIME updated: october 2023

If it's not specified that you can do something, please email me before doing something wrong!